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Superheroes Needed

Elephant Rock Lodge is looking for kids to help defend the wildlife

So you wanna be a superhero?

Where would we be without superheroes? Would the animals be able to defend for themselves? How would we protect our rhino’s? Holy ravioli! It doesn’t bear thinking about! The worlds is crying out for superheroes like you, so hurry up and joins the forces of good and lets protect our Wildlife!

To be a true Superhero you will need:

  1. A distinctive costume, including a mask
  2. A catchy name that will be on everyone’s lips
  3. Special powers – think about whether you were born with these, like superman, or whether a remarkable event triggered them, like those of Spider-Man and The Hulk
  4. A trademark weapon
  5. A strong moral code – that mean you must promise to do only good protect all animals
  6. Secret headquarters
  7. You might also want a partner to help fight poachers, like Batman’s Robin

Lets Start

Your Secret Identity:

So you fancy protecting the animals from villains like the Poacher?
The first thing you’ll need is a name! You might want to keep your first name and tag on a punchy second one, as Albert Amazing and Bella Blaze have done. It’s best to choose on that begins with the same letter for added effect! For example, if your name is Steven, your second name could be Storm; if you’re called Amanda, you could add Andromeda.